GIAHC Invited to Luncheon with Cecile Richards from Planned Parenthood
GIAHC on Capitol Hill
GIAHC Presents Its Very First Award to Alice Drain
GIAHC at the 2017 IPVS Conference 
Aseemkala and GIAHC Present the Voices of Patients in a Dance-Medicine Narrative

Young Leaders

The GIAHC Young Leaders program (45 and younger) provides a global platform for youth advocates to network and exchange knowledge regarding HPV and cervical cancer. Training materials and necessary resources are developed in consultation with young leaders to make it culturally sensitive and relevant to the respective geographical areas. Such exercises empower the next generation to play a proactive role in the reduction of HPV-related diseases in both males and females through vaccination, and in addition, to spread the word about screening in the prevention of cervical cancer.

GIAHC and the American Medical Women’s Association recently launched an interactive PowerPoint presentation for middle and high school students in the U.S. A script accompanies this presentation for the presenter, including a game and an inspirational video. In addition, this presentation can also be tailored to the needs of other programs as well.

If you are passionate about global health care and are interested in becoming a part of this exciting international, interdisciplinary team, please send us an email with your CV.

You can also become a GIAHC champion/member.