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Through our international work, we offer our members a unique window to the world. All volunteers participating in GIAHC international programs are Global Coalition members. GIAHC programs channel your creativity, ideas, and all the energy you possess to convert them to something real and meaningful by getting your hands dirty and getting personally involved. These memories will last a lifetime. Our volunteer program is unique in that we hand pick our candidates, listen to their goals and match them to our programs in areas of mutual interest. In addition, we guide them through their research projects where applicable and help them shape their initiatives. Candidates will have ample opportunities to continually interact with key Global Coalition members at GIAHC. We also encourage our members to discuss their plans with their professors or advisors at their respective academic institutions, where applicable, so that we can coordinate our efforts to give you the best experience possible.

Distinction is made between internship, research and volunteer assignments. Global Coalition members interact with local doctors, nurses, public health and community health workers to facilitate comprehensive HPV and cervical cancer prevention care for patients who need it the most.

Three primary types of opportunities are available:

1. Work experience internship

Global Coalition members that are 21 years and older are eligible. The initiatives that you take will also reflect in your profile, thus giving you a definitive edge as you apply for jobs or universities at the end of your course. Global Coalition interns are encouraged to apply their health delivery skills and join a movement of leaders committed to developing effective programs for HPV and cervical cancer preventive programs. All interns will receive a certificate from GIAHC upon successful completion of their programs.

2. Research opportunities

These are available to undergraduates (requires a selection process), graduates, post graduates and faculty members of academic institutions. These opportunities are contingent upon approval of the Internal Review Board (IRB) at the candidate's respective institutions and at the discretion of GIAHC and local health authorities in the various countries. For more information please contact GIAHC via email.

3. Voluntary assignments

GIAHC helps Global Coalition members to join our local partners and strengthen their presence in local communities by sharing with them their skills and experiences. Our volunteers gain a comprehensive understanding about the opportunities and challenges of global health. This type of humanitarian effort helps one to be a part of change while still pursuing your profession and personal life.

Experience the thrill of change - Join GIAHC today and be responsible for finding long-term solutions to this preventable disease.