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Who Can Participate

Our program is open to a wide variety of people. Our participants, called “Global Coalition members,” receive all necessary training from GIAHC so that they are able to participate at their individual level of training and comfort.

Through our collaborative, flexible and innovative actions, we offer both short-term and long-term opportunities to our interns, researchers and volunteers.

Our program is most suited for education and health care students, residents and professionals in these fields. In addition, business students interested in social entrepreneurship will find our program valuable.

Opportunities are best suited for for:

  • Students
    • Medical students
    • Public Health students
    • Nursing students
    • Education students
    • Business students interested in social entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare Professionals:
    • Physicians
    • Residents in training
    • Public health professionals
    • Nurse practitioners
    • Nurses
    • Physician assistants
    • Midwives
    • Educators
    • Social workers
    • Business professionals interested in social entrepreneurship

PLEASE NOTE: Fluency in the local language and grant research and writing skills are very desirable but not necessary.


We recruit Global Coalition members to help, observe and experience the complexities and realities of global health. Medical students and residents DO NOT qualify as GIAHC volunteer physicians since they are not fully trained or board-certified. They will be under the direct supervision of local physicians and health care workers. In spite of best intentions, international work can become harmful and unethical particularly when volunteers do not respect local cultures and provide services beyond their level of expertise. Due to inadequate human resources and oversight, a few sometimes feel compelled to help in areas they are not qualified in, and medical students and residents might find opportunities to perform procedures beyond their level of expertise and experience. Doing so is not only unethical and dangerous but often times illegal. Besides, it instigates fear and resentment in the local communities against foreign doctors especially when outcomes are undesirable. All Global Coalition members are requested to work with local health care professionals for maximal benefit. GIAHC does not take any responsibility for any wrongdoing on the part of its members.

Location and Dates

Opportunities are available year round and can be developed from a two-week to an eight-week program.


GIAHC internships are voluntary.


Funding GIAHC programs are an essential part of a Global Coalition member’s contribution to developing programs for health education, screening and treatment of HPV diseases and cervical cancer. All Global Coalition members, once accepted to the program, contribute $1,500 to support GIAHC programs. This pre-travel contribution called the “program fee” is tax deductible and helps to cover the tuition fee in addition to making a significant difference in program development and patient care before your departure. The program fee can either be paid by your institution/organization or can be raised from your family and friends. A matching donation from donors’ place of employment will also be accepted. A GIAHC staff member will be happy to help you with your questions.

GIAHC students are usually funded through university fellowships. You can learn about fellowship options by contacting your international fellowship office, advisors, or university departments. Other options for students and non-students include sponsorship by businesses, organizations, friends and family members.

Travel, boarding and lodging, transportation and other incidentals are additional expenses.